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The Rockpool Bar & Grill burger served up in Melbourne is pricey, but pretty good.
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Upperhand Burgers

Upperhand Burgers

How Upperhand Burgers flew under our radar for so long is a real mystery and something of a disgrace. Nestled amongst the shopping strip in Swanbourne, Upperhand deliver a burger that is a real homage to the fast food greats in the US like In-‘N-Out and Shake Shack. The burger delivered at Upperhand however, out-performs both.

A fluffy potato bun gives the brioche trend something to consider. The pattie is lightly pressed and juicy as hell and the sweet BBQ sauce complements the bacon like it was made to cure the angry thoughts you have about your partner watching an episode of Mind Hunter after you fell asleep and breaking the cardinal rule of Netflix binging. If it’s a day of the week that ends in ‘Y’ – then get your sweet self down to Upperhand Burgers and prepare your body for next Winter.