We Got Hacked - Burgerology
While burgers be grillin', hackers be hackin'. They took us down but we rise from the ashes stronger and more code conversant than ever. As you were Burgerologists. As you were.
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We Got Hacked

While burgers be cookin’, hackers be hackin’.  Those cheeky nerds got into our site and made it a hub of wondrous nudity and depravity.  Now while we don’t judge – we did have to disassemble the website and have been out of action for a few months now.

Hiring a nerd of our own however, has given us the opportunity to rebuild – bigger and stronger than before!  So stay tuned as we reinvent Burgerology and bring you back the delicious posts you’ve grown to love.

Joshua Hamburg and the Burgerology Team


If you need some urgent love and attention, you can get in touch here